Do you need custom designed cabinetry to match your new countertops or floors? Look no further than our team at Signature Stone! In addition to custom countertops, our company offers fabrication, installation, and full-service kitchen and bathroom cabinetry remodels catered to your interests and needs. Our company offers four different types of cabinetry units that are guaranteed to fit your budget: base, wall, tall, and specialty.

Base cabinets are 24 x 36 inches, and depending on the case, the depth can be increased to 27 inches if necessary. These types of cabinets are mounted on a riser or toe kick and are the basic building blocks for any kitchen or bathroom.

Wall cabinetry is 12 inches deep, and again, can be increased to 17 inches for a customizable look and appearance. Tall cabinets are usually around 84 inches tall and can be used as storage space in your kitchen or bathroom.

Signature Stone can also build specialty units for your living space or office, typically used for odd-shaped spaces, corner storage, and appliance units. Our company can work with you to create a specialty storage cabinet for a small space above a backsplash in your kitchen or corner area in any bathroom.

In terms of cost, cabinetry is measured by lineal feet instead of square feet and can range from $50 per lineal foot to $500 per lineal foot depending on the customization and material used. Installation prices are usually separated from the cabinetry bill and are an additional cost to our customers. However, you can purchase ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets from a small selection of cabinetry if you are on a budget and are inclined to try your own DIY project. Semi-custom or customized cabinetry will enable you to choose from more options, designs, and finishes for a unique look and style. In purchasing customized cabinetry, installation is often included in the original quote.

Just like mock-ups and installation of our countertops and flooring, we will work with you to create a cabinetry unit that has a specific design, color scheme, and the correct material you are looking for. Whether it be a cost-effective RTA plastic laminate cabinet set or fully customized, so