GraniteGranite countertops are beautiful, and each slab is unique, consisting of a one-of-a-kind design. This natural stone takes any room to the next level with poise, style, and quality. With hundreds of unique colors and patterns to choose from, we can assist in pairing the right piece of granite to your project

Because of its crystalline structure, granite is one of the most durable natural stones and is resistant to scratches and staining if properly treated and sealed with high quality sealer. After properly sealed, granite is easy to clean with warm water and a mild detergent, sanitary, and Is heat resistant.. As granite and Quartz are scratch resistant, we still recommend the use of cutting boards to protect your investment in counter and knives.

The cost of typical granite can range from $50-100 per square foot, with exotics available well beyond that range. Granite is a commodity rather than a manufactured product. As such, the price is driven by rarity rather than quality. To insure life-long use of the surface, Signature will seal your granite countertops prior to installing them in your home. The sealers we use are of the highest quality and will often last up to 15 years or longer depending on the use. Granite is a natural material. Therefore, like wood, there are variations not only from variety to variety, but from slab to slab. Some fabricators or dealers do not allow the option for you to view the materials to be used in your project. We believe you should see each slab to be used. We even go the extra mile and will invite you to assist us in laying out your kitchen onto the specific slabs chosen for your job. This insures that we get the look you are after in your project.

Granite is versatile and the uses for natural stone are endless. It should be noted that granite natural stone will not have a set pattern or consistency, creating a unique structure and look for your countertops and surfaces. With a wide range of colors, consistency, and designs, the stone can be used for anything from kitchen countertops to custom designed flooring. Additionally, the stone can be used in a range of environments, and the material can add class to a high-rise building or form a unique, stylized look in a country farmhouse if implemented correctly.

We invite you to work with our designers to see how adding granite features can enhance your project!