You can add elegance to any room by installing marble countertops or surfaces. Marble is a metamorphic stone that has a high calcium mineral content. Due to the high concentration of calcium, marble has a tendency to etch when exposed to acidic substances. We recommend that marbles used in areas subject to wear have a honed finish. This will help hide any etching that does occur. Etching and scratching on marble should be considered patina. Many historical sites have used marble successfully over many hundreds and thousands of years. It is a classic building material that will never go out of style. We encourage a visit to any number of places around West Michigan that use marble in public spaces so that you can see exactly what to expect with this material. Marble works well for many surfaces including counters, fireplace detailing, flooring, and backsplashes. Marble countertops are not as durable as granite, and common kitchen utensils and cookware may scratch or chip the surface of marble. However, marble natural stone is heat resistant, and marble fireplaces have recently become popular since the natural stone will not become discolored with high temperatures and applied heat. Marble can also be incorporated into bathrooms of homes or businesses to add a classy elegance to the environment.

Similar to granite, marble is versatile and comes in many different colors and designs. The popular look of white marbles is often achieved with the use of calacatta or carrera Italian marble.  These are the names people most associate with marble.  Calacatta marble tends to have distinct, large patterns and veining, while carrara marble consists of smaller more subtle veining in the natural stone. Both of these types of marble with vary within their patterns, so the material may not have consistent structure. Each slab of marble is different, which will insure the detailing and design of your countertop to be unique.  In addition to these traditional colors, many other materials are available that fit into the marble category.  From stark whites to flowing beiges, taupes, browns, and green tones.  Marble has a much wider range than you ever imagined.  Come see for yourself!

As with granite, it is important to seal marble. Marble is, by nature, more porous than its granite counterpart and if not sealed properly, will absorb spilled liquids. Signature provides the first application of sealer as a standard.  Unlike others inthe area tha tcharge extra, we use the highest quality sealers without an up-charge. 

You can expect to pay a reasonable cost for your marble countertops, and the price range is generally between $50 and $150 per square foot of installed material.

Despite the some limitations and a little extra upkeep, marble can add a beautiful touch to any home or business. With the right maintenance and care, your countertop can last you many years and will be a great conversation starter for friends and family!