As seen on your favorite home improvement shows!  Remnants can save you money!  Our extensive remnant yard contains leftovers of natural stone, premium quartz, and other products from past projects. These pieces are heavily discounted, which can save thousands on your project.  We always welcome weekend warriors and DIY'ers.  Our remnant yard is the perfect place for the bargain hunter in you!

Small pieces can even be utilized for landscape accents, pavers, and stacked stone projects.  Find fireplace hearths, table tops, shower benches, etc.  The only limitation is your imagination!  Because of this, finding and working with remnant natural stone is a great way to enhance your living space and upgrade your home on a small budget.

Remnant pieces of stone are great for small projects, and it is important to keep an open mind when looking for remnant granite and similar natural stones. Usually, these types of slabs cannot be incorporated into another project because of the variation in color, thickness, and grain. However, they have the same quality and durability as any other piece of stone, and if you do not mind the limitations of color and size, you can purchase beautiful stone for a nice price.

Come see our inventory of THOUSANDS of remnant pieces today!