If you want the look of a natural stone, but the durability and low-maintenance of a manufactured countertop material, you may want to incorporate soapstone into your next project! With its beauty and durability, you will definitely receive a return on your investment with installing soapstone countertops in your home or business.

Soapstone is a natural stone and has more limited options in terms of color and design compared to manufactured materials like quartz. Depending on the area in which your natural stone is from, the colors, designs, and patterns will vary. You will have the option between light and dark toned tabletops, and you can always use any mineral oil or stain to darken your soapstone surfaces. Its natural look gives it a unique style and insures the buyer a customized surface or countertop. Soapstone countertops provide any room with a minimalist look and pair nicely with warm colors and features of any home of office.

The right type of soapstone is very durable and resistant to all liquids, heat, and sharp or heavy objects. Unlike marble and granite, the soapstone natural stone is non-porous and is resistant to all spills in the kitchen and bathroom. This material requires little maintenance, and no sealant is necessary, providing your home with clean, stain-free, and bacteria-free surface areas. Because of the all-natural and recyclable material, you will be providing your friends and family a safe environment, free of chemicals and toxins often used in most tabletop sealants. This material can definitely last a lifetime and ages nicely with each generation. If by chance you do get a scratch on your countertop, you can always sand the surface down and apply a mineral oil for shine, which is unique to this type of material.

With a price of $70 to $100 per square foot, it makes the use of natural soapstone highly desirable in all homes and offices. Additionally, you can expect to see a 50% to 80% ROI when your house sells on the market, insuring a good return on your investment.

Soapstone's beauty goes nicely with any type of home or office environment and can enhance the beauty and looks of any traditional home or up-north cottage. So, what are you waiting for? Talk with one of our representatives today to see if soapstone is the right fit for your new project!