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Well, if it's good enough for the Parthenon, it should last in your home!

Marble is a centuries-old building material that is timeless in its use and the applications are endless.  A metamorphic rock by definition, marble is comprised of the shells of sea creatures deposited, heated, and compressed over millions of years to form the material you see today.  It has a soft and warm appearance that is unmatched by man-made imitators.  However, marble is significantly softer than granite and, being comprised of calcium rich minerals, is prone to etching from acids.  Beverages and common cooking items such as vinegar, colas, and red wine can etch a marble surface.  This creates the appearance of a dull spot on your shiny new surface.  We recommend that marbles used as work-surfaces have a honed finish rather than a full gloss.  This minimizes the appearance of etch marks and slight surface damage. 

Limestone, travertine, calcite, and crystaline are all cousins in the sense that they are calcium based stones.  They have similar characteristics in use, though they differ in appearance.

With the proper set of expectations, marble will give you a lifetime of service.  It will also change in appearance over the years.  It will certainly develop a patina through use.  Many feel that the patina is part of Marble's appeal.  Similar to a quality leather that changes over time and develops wear-patterns, the natural beauty come out through wear.

Experienced Custom Fabricator

Not all fabricators are the same.  Many use the same materials from the same suppliers.  However, that is where the similarity ends.  Here at Signature, we believe that the little details are what makes the job great.  While many "premium" fabricators polish everything on machinery, Signature knows that there are some aspects that always need a craftsman's touch.  We take the time to hand polish those critical areas and insure a great looking and feeling finish.  In business since 2003, our detail oriented philosophy has remained intact since the beginning.

Signature has participated in some of the most unique projects in West Michigan.  We have earned first-call status with many large clients when the job and their reputation are on the line.  Put our experience to work for you!

Unique applications

Many of our products lend them selves to unique uses.  For example, we have created stone corbels for the Grand Rapids Library and hung wall panels for downtown buildings. We've even suspended 2000 pounds of granite 28" off the floor ABOVE a fireplace. 

Our ingenuity and custom machining capabilities are unmatched in our market. Why settle for ordinary when you can have us create an amazing space for you?

So set your project apart from your neighbors.  Challenge us to come up with a unique solution!



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