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Quartz is a product that has seen significant change over the past few years.  It is also the subject of significant misunderstanding within the industry.  Quartz as a product category was invented by the Italian machinery manufacturer Breton S.p.a. in the 1970's.  Trademarked as Bretonstone, it was originally made with marble aggregate.  Ground quartz and silica sand were added to the mixture by the late 1980's.  The first companies to create a countertop-sized slab of Quartz Bretonstone were Cosentino (Silestone) in Spain, and Caesarstone in Israel.  Cosentino brought their quartz brand Silestone to the North American market in the 90's and the rest is history.  Silestone and Caesarstone are still the largest quartz manufacturers in the world utilizing Breton equipment. 

Much has changed in the quartz industry since that first 49"x120"x3cm slab came off the production line.  Bretonstone plants have the capacity to produce slabs as large as 65"x130".  While the actual usable size of these "jumbo" slabs varies slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer, the fact remains that we are able to produce seamless pieces that would not have been possible only a few years ago.  The limiting factor becomes actual capability of maneuvering these massive pieces in the typical home.  A typical jumbo quartz slab weighs close to 900 pounds. 

With changes in size and capability came changes in design.  Every year we see a new and better palette of colors from our quartz producers.  Many now are producing products the do a good job of replicating marbles as well as designs not found in nature.  Pure whites, striking pastels, concrete, marble, and granite looks are all possible with quartz.  What is of particular interest are those products that have the look of concrete or marble without the concerns of etching (marble) staining, or scratching. 

Care and maintenance of quartz is simple and straight forward.  While nothing is life proof, quartz is as life resistant as any product we offer.  Other man-made products (like porcelain) may excel in certain aspects of durability, but quartz endures as the best combination of durability factors along with aesthetics.

Signature Stone Tops proudly maintains fabrication licensing from companies such as Silestone, Hanstone, Caesarstone, DuPont Corian Quartz (formerly Zodiaq), LG Viatera, and others.  We feel that our deliberate choice of brands in this product category is significant in the area.  We have actively sought to educate our clients regarding the issues surrounding the recent rise of products from China.  While others have embraced the high-margin with low quality products from China, Signature has found that these products come with a trade-off in terms of the finished product.  We have documented many cases of poor quality, dubious contents, warping, and color matching issues with these materials from China and other state-sponsored countries.    This is not what we strive to deliver for our valued clients.  While we respect your ultimate decision regarding the products in your home, we will do our best to educate you with regard to the products we are selling.

Quartz Applications

Quartz Brands Represented

Many other brands and product lines are available upon request.  If you don't see it, just ask!

Experienced Custom Fabricator

Not all fabricators are the same.  Many use the same materials from the same suppliers.  However, that is where the similarity ends.  Here at Signature, we believe that the little details are what makes the job great.  While many "premium" fabricators polish everything on machinery, Signature knows that there are some aspects that always need a craftsman's touch.  We take the time to hand polish those critical areas and insure a great looking and feeling finish.  In business since 2003, our detail oriented philosophy has remained intact since the beginning.

Signature has participated in some of the most unique projects in West Michigan.  We have earned first-call status with many large clients when the job and their reputation are on the line.  Put our experience to work for you!

Unique applications

Many of our products lend them selves to unique uses.  For example, we have created stone corbels for the Grand Rapids Library and hung wall panels for downtown buildings. We've even suspended 2000 pounds of granite 28" off the floor ABOVE a fireplace. 

Our ingenuity and custom machining capabilities are unmatched in our market. Why settle for ordinary when you can have us create an amazing space for you?

So set your project apart from your neighbors.  Challenge us to come up with a unique solution!



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